Verus Conditor Montium

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Verus Conditor Montium

Verus Conditor Montium

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This SATB hymn is the official Alma Mater of Wyoming Catholic College. It was a collaboration between the original Latin professor, Dr. Nancy Llewellyn, and myself as the original choir director. It has been sung every year since the beginning of the school, at Convocation and Commencement.


1. Verus conditor montium,
Pater silvarum fontium,
Vero pane pascere
Tuos in itinere.

2. Bonum summum peritiae,
Christe lumen iustitiae,
Tolle mentes gratia
Versus tua sidera.

3. Vero Bono progrediens
Pulchrum, Spiritus veniens,
Tange corda digito
Caritatis flammeo.

4. Mater alma clementiae
Sedes tu Sapientiae
Nostrum sis auxilium
Ut sequamur Filium.


True Creator of the mountains,
Father of forests and waters,
Feed with the true Bread
Your children on their journey.

Highest Good of all study,
Christ, Light of Justice,
Lift our minds by grace
Up to your stars.

Beauty proceeding from
the True and the Good,
O Holy Spirit, coming,
Touch our hearts
With the fiery finger of charity.

Loving Mother of Mercy,
Seat of Wisdom,
Be our help
That we may follow your Son.

(Nancy Llewellyn)