To Thee We Raise Our Song of Praise

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To Thee We Raise Our Song of Praise

To Thee We Raise Our Song of Praise

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A setting for SATB choir of an original hymn text, suitable as a Communion meditation. The first verse refers to Christ writing mysteries in our minds, in the Mass of the Catechumens. The second verse refers to the Offertory of the Mass and how the bread and wine will become not only Christ's Body and Blood but possess power to make us His members. The third verse speaks of adoring the Word-made-flesh and prays that Communion will have it proper effects.

1. To Thee we raise our song of praise,
rejoicing in this place
Where Christ the Lord, with two-edged sword
and brightly shining face,
The First and Last and Living One,
writes mysteries in our minds,
Bestows the love of neighbor,
all the knots of hate unwinds.

2. To Thee we bring our offering,
Thy gifts of wine and bread,
That will become the sign and sum
of Christ, our living Head.
To Him, as lowly members,
we approach with humble hearts,
And feast upon the banquet
of the graces He imparts.

3. To Thee we bow, adoring now
the Word of God made flesh,
Who rides upon the wings of dawn
to visit and refresh:
Bring light into dark powers,
bury peace within our soul,
Soak down to deepest roots
and make the growth achieve the goal.

(Peter Kwasniewski)