O Veritas, O Caritas

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O Veritas, O Caritas
O Veritas, O Caritas
O Veritas, O Caritas
O Veritas, O Caritas
O Veritas, O Caritas
O Veritas, O Caritas

O Veritas, O Caritas

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An 18th-century ecstatic hymn addressing God as Truth and Charity, Supreme End and Happiness. This composition is a large-canvas setting for SAB choir, accompanied by flute, harp, viola, and cello.


Contact Dr. Kwasniewski to obtain separate instrumental parts.

O veritas, o caritas,
o finis et felicitas,
sperare fac et credere,
amare fac et consequi.

Qui cuncta solus efficis
cunctisque solus sufficis,
tu sola lux es omnibus
et praemium sperantibus.

Aeterna lux, divinitas,
in unitate Trinitas,
te confitemur debiles,
te deprecamur supplices.

Summum Parentem credimus
Natumque Patris unicum,
et caritatis vinculum
qui iungit illos Spiritum.

Christum rogamus et Patrem,
Christi Patrisque Spiritum;
unum potens per omnia,
fove precantes, Trinitas.


O Truth! O Charity!
O Ending and Felicity!
Make us hope and believe,
Make us love and attain [Thee].

You who alone make everything,
You who alone suffice for everything,
You are the only light for all
And the reward of those who hope.

Eternal Light, Divinity,
O Trinity in Unity,
We weak ones confess Thee,
We suppliants pray to Thee.

We believe the highest Father
And the only-begotten born of the Father,
And the Spirit, bond of charity,
Which unites them.

We beseech Christ and the Father
And the Spirit of Christ and the Father,
One Power [present] in all things,
Cherish those who pray to Thee, O Trinity.