Jerome Now Laud

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Jerome Now Laud

Jerome Now Laud

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Oddly, St. Jerome, the greatest biblical scholar-saint in the history of the Church and the patron of Bible studies, has fared poorly in hymnography. My friend Dr. Jeremy Holmes found an old Latin hymn for his feastday and translated it into English verse; I set it to music for SATB chorus.


1. Jerome now laud with festive praise,
A star for us of wond’rous rays,
Outstanding by his teaching clear
And by his steadfast life severe.

2. He strove by careful scholarship
Our dogmas and discipleship
To clarify, and in dispute,
A raging lion, their foes refute.

3. By sweat, the Scripture’s verdant field
He farmed, and shared the fruitful yield.
His table ever offered place
To all who sought the food of grace.

4. Desirous of the desert’s peace,
He watched Christ’s cradle without cease,
To crucify his flesh like Christ,
An offering and sacrifice.

5. Lord, may the prayers of St. Jerome
Conduct us to our final home,
Where we will join him in your praise
With all the saints for endless days.

(Jeremy Holmes)